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Struggling with setting boundaries? Check out this podcast!

My favorite functional medicine doctor, Dr. Will Cole, discusses boundaries with Melissa Urban, CEO of Whole30, in a recent podcast episode. It is so important to learn how to set boundaries at our age, and listening to this podcast is a great way to start practicing how.

Check out the podcast here:

Melissa Urban: How To Set Boundaries To Save Your Health (Relationships, Social Media, Food + Workplace Tips) | Dr. Will Cole (

Link to Melissa Urban's book:

The Book of Boundaries: Set the Limits That Will Set You Free: Urban, Melissa: 9780593448700: Books

Photograph citation: Dr. Will Cole. “Melissa Urban: How to Set Boundaries to Save Your Health (Relationships, Social Media, Food + Workplace Tips).” Dr. Will Cole, 6 Oct. 2022,

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