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Join the Movement: Get Involved with Buff Brain Gym

Welcome to Buff Brain Gym, a passionate community of students dedicated to debunking misconceptions about mental health and fostering personal growth and wellbeing. We're on a mission to create a network of like-minded individuals across high schools and colleges nationwide.


At Buff Brain Gym, we believe in the power of community and conversation. Our branches, soon to be established on campuses across the country, will strive to serve as hubs for students to connect, share resources, and engage in meaningful discussions about healthcare and mental health.

In our community, we delve beyond surface-level conversations, providing a space for students passionate about health and personal growth to connect. Through weekly meetings and activities such as yoga, hiking, and cooking sessions, we explore diverse topics like meditation and wellness practices.


Ready to Join the Cause?

Join a community of passionate change-makers who are committed to pioneering a new era of brain accountability, diagnoses and treatments. Get involved through your college or high school today!

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