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A Brain Health Resource Center

Welcome to Buff Brain Gym!

A Brain Health Resource Center

We’re a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending the misconceptions about mental health and bringing together a community of students passionate about personal growth and wellbeing.

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Who We Are

At Buff Brain Gym, students come together to learn how to make a difference for ourselves and others by sharing our experiences and learning ways to foster a healthier lifestyle. We address topics like nutrition, fitness, spirituality, meditation, and many more. Join us in our mission to bring more accurate and effective brain treatments to our healthcare system and the Boulder community.

The Problems With Today's Healthcare

Symptom Management, Not Health Solutions

You might notice that doctors and psychiatrists often treat just the symptoms you're experiencing, rather than diving deep to find the root cause of your health issues. This leaves you reliant on quick fixes like medication, making you a part of a "sick care" system rather than a healthcare system aimed at long-term well-being.

Quick-Fixes vs. Lifelong Practices

You might find that traditional healthcare mostly offers medication as the solution for mental health issues, neglecting other important lifestyle aspects like nutrition, fitness, and spirituality. This means you're not getting a comprehensive approach that takes into account the full spectrum of your well-being.

Inaccurate Diagnoses

When you go for a mental health diagnosis, your symptoms are often the sole basis for any conclusions. This could lead to incorrect diagnoses. According to the Amen Clinics, there's an 80% chance that the mental health diagnosis you receive might be wrong because it doesn't investigate the actual condition of your brain.

Clinging to Outdated Treatment Methods

If you're looking for alternative or more holistic mental health treatments, you'll likely face resistance. Traditional healthcare approaches are often rigid and not open to change, making it difficult for you to explore options that could be more effective for your individual needs.

Meet Elle, Buff Brain Gym’s Founder

My name is Elle Snyder and I am a junior at CU Boulder studying neuroscience! I was recently certified as a Brain Health Coach through the Amen Clinics, the #1 mental health clinic in the world. I want to ensure our youth’s accessibility to the innovative research and resources of today’s leading brain health professionals and empower others through our joint passion for brain health.

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